Friends of Hopkinson (FOH) is our parent booster club –

A not-for-profit, fundraising group, it was created over a decade ago in response to diminishing state and federal funding support for public education in our state.

There are 5 members who serve as our Board of Directors.  These individuals are volunteers who agree to make the voice of the parent community heard at our school, in our district, and around the community.

In addition, nearly 40 people serve on 8 standing committees that address the service and fundraising needs at Hopkinson.

FOH funds:

  • Media center Teacher & Instructional Aide
  • Staff Development Days
  • 2 portable iPad carts
  • Smartboards in every classroom
  • Media Center PC Lab
  • Teacher’s copy machines  
  • School wide Classroom Furniture
  • Scholarships for Outdoor Science Camp

Every year, Hopkinson families come together to raise funds to support the school’s vision of providing every child with a balanced and rigorous academic education, which includes opportunities in the arts and technology.  It is our school community’s support, which continues to make us one of the top elementary schools in Orange County.   We greatly appreciate your ongoing support in all fundraising efforts.

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